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This site is dedicated to the one and only Nicky Hilton. Nicky-H.com is an unofficial fan site about Nicky Hilton. Information on the site is for educational purpose only and the site is in no way associated with Nicky Hilton or her management. To visit the Official Nicky Hilton site please go to Nicky-H.com

About Us

We are a group of Nicky Hilton fans ( three of us to be precise ), who thought of starting up a website for this gorgeous young Hollywood Singer & Actress. We have been trying our best to add the Best Nicky Hilton related News, Photos, Wallpapers, Trivia and everything else. Our Goal is to reach out and share cool Nicky Hilton information with millions of her fans across the globe. We would like to thank all our fellow Nicky Hilton fans who have been very supportive and have been providing information and content to this site.