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Nicky Hilton humiliated when the nightclub slammed its doors in her face

Date: 22 Feb 2008 | Author: Nicky | Views: 6866

Socialite Nicky Hilton who banned her sister from visiting her newly acquired mansion at Los Angeles had to taste her own medicine. Nicky Hilton got the shock of her life when she faced the nightclub doors slammed on her. Her only fault was that she happens to be the sister of 'The Hottie and the Nottie' Paris Hilton.

Ian Schrager the owner of the exclusive Gramercy Park Hotel in New York who slapped a ban on Paris Hilton has apparently extended it to her younger sister Nicky Hilton too. Even her well-connected friends couldn't do much to let her into the hotel.

According to the New York Post, club spies spotted Nicky Hilton "desperately trying to get in" to the hotel's Rose Bar, where a host of celebrities were launching a fashion show. "Nicky was texting Andy Valmorbida to come out and get her," said the spy. But the billionaire art dealer was too busy fondling Lenny Kravitz's ex, Sandy Meyer.